Slipping back into the madness…

To say that I have been struggling since November 8, 2016 is a radical understatement.  My anxiety has been increasingly difficult to manage despite intensive outpatient treatment for PTSD and substance use disorder.  I have been compulsively ranting on Facebook and Twitter, uncontrollably at times.  I have employed self-imposed Internet fasting, and set alarms to signal when to sign off of social media.  I have experienced returning and worsening waves of incredulity at the seemingly insane series of one upping the things I never thought could happen in the United States of America.  My sleep has been disturbed and increasingly my traumatic dreams have become more extreme.   Ah the fun us Cold War veterans with PTSD enjoy since Putin placed his puppet into the Presidency of America.  We cannot allow the distractions and overwhelming number of daily affronts to International and American law, and continue to fully investigate the collusion of Russia with the Trump campaign, and prosecute all treason.

I will be entering residential treatment on April 19th for 35 days with the intention that I can finally learn how to truly care for myself and acquire serenity about the things I cannot change, and discover what are the things I cannot change…  My delusions of grandeur are persistent.  May the Force be with us, and may justice, freedom, and human rights prevail!  See you in June!

While I am getting much-needed help with self-care, I highly recommend you check out Patricia deLuse’s The2 Spirits Blog


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